Aircraft management


Aircompany Rusjet offers aircraft management services in Russian registration which gives access to fly across Russia and around the world. Russian registration also allows to base aircraft in Russian airports without any limitation. We have 10-years in-flight, technical and commercial experience of operation aircraft of Russian and other producers.

We organize flights on owner's aircraft, collect and check flight invoices professionally and responsibly and provide constant standby status of our fleet.

Call us +7 (495) 638-65-65 and get unique offer for aircraft management.


Charters on request


We can organize a flight of any difficulty to any destination in Russia and across the World.

Our key competency is flight organization of corporate and VIP clients. We can organize flights at a highest level thanks to high qualification of our employees, huge professional, financial and managerial resources with full confidenciality of our clients.

Thanks to our reputation and capabilities we can offer best terms to our clients and passengers. We can meet all requirments of our clients while prepairing and fulfilling the flights.

Call us, write an email to us or send a request via site form and we will get in touch with you shortly and offer an optimal solution.


Commercial usage


You can significally decrease you operational costs on your aircraft by using our services of commercial usage.

Aircompany Rusjet has a huge customer base and wide net of brokers which allows our clients – aircraft owners – to efficiently use their aircraft. 

 Thanks to our experience we can find a perfect balance between aircraft standby status and commercial usage of aircraft. We treat aircraft carefully and clients intrust their jets to us.

We will be glad to hear your by phone +7 (495) 638-65-65


CAMO services


Continuous airworthiness management of our aircompany has certificates of Rosaviation to technically maintain airworthiness of the following types of aircraft: Sukhoi Superjet 100, Yak-42, Embraer-600/650. 

Constant aircraft flight readiness is a complex task which requires high technological infrastructure and much knowledge in engineering, Russian and International law and technical intricacies of aircraft. Aircompany Rusjet invest huge resources to upgrade hardware and software and to improve qualification of our employees responsible for continuous airworthiness of our fleet. 

Our clients trust us and we take care of their safety!


Aircraft acquisition


Aircraft acquisition, registration, technical inspection and legal arrangements require high qualification of aircompany stuff. 

Aircompany Rusjet has such qualification and a 10-years experience in supporting aircraft acquisition, presales inspections, registration and deregistration in various jurisdictions. 

Call or write to us and we will be glad to answer all your questions.


Navigator services


We provide navigator services across Russia in strict conformity with Russian law. Rusjet is the only aircompany which leads and navigates aircraft with non-Russian registrations to airports in Russia according to specially created program by Rosaviation. This program includes training of navigators and pilots and we fully comply to it. 

We have all permissions by Rosaviation to lead and navigate aircraft and have qualified navigators and pilots to provide this service.