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Aircompany "Rusjet" specializes in organization and fulfilment of private, corporate and commercial VIP flights.

Aircompany "Rusjet" is a civil commercial operator (Rosaviation Certificate №498) working since 2006. Our specialists have huge experience in organization and fulfilment of VIP flights, private and corporate aircraft management. We have experience operating both Russian and other types of aircraft. 

Aircompany "Rusjet" holds and maintain international cerificate of business aviation IS-BAO Stage II.

Flight safety is our priority that's why we constantly update and improve our Safety Management System, regularly train our personel and crew members, implement new technologies in flight operations. 

Our effort and success in organizing flights for state, private and corporate clients is recognized by business aviation experts. Rusjet is a six-time winner of the most prestige award in Russia - "Best aircompany in business aviation"

Beside constant improvements in operations and flight safety in aircompany Rusjet we are controlled by civil aviation authorities. 

  • Rusjet has a valid Operator's Certificate N498
  • Rusjet has termless Licence to operate as a passanger and freight carrier
  • Rusjet has a certified Continous airworthiness management

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